Malware Launcher using DLL Search Order Hijacking

Hello again,

Have you ever heard of this? It’s a pretty cool technique to load an arbitrary DLL into a process by┬átaking advantage of the way Windows’ DLL search works. Quite honestly, I’ve never seen it in action on real malware, up until very recently.

There is a “launcher” floating around which uses not only DSOH, but some other pretty cool techniques to host malicious activity into the process of a legitimate (and signed) tool.

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Quick “how-to-decode” this banking Trojan encoded string

Remember when you could figure out what bank was being targeted by a Brazilian banking Trojan just by running “strings” against it? Well, that was a while ago.

There’s this decode function widespread among most banking Trojan samples that I get my hands on, especially those written in Delphi.

Let’s take a look!

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A random 2016 Brazilian Banking Trojan – Londer / jottvxz / Telax

“Brazil has a lot of banking Trojans” – is a sentence folks working the AV industry might have said/heard quite a few times.

Well, here’s a quick analysis on a random Brazilian banking Trojan. Spoiler alert: it’s a mess.

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